Flowers are an important part of your wedding day and for some brides It can be overwhelming to decide what flowers will compliment the overall look you are hoping to achieve. A great way to start narrowing your focus is to look at many bouquets and styles.  Do you want:

  • a loosely tied, romantic bouquet – look at Boho options
  • a long cascading traditional bouquet – look at rose and orchid options
  • a vibrant, tropical bouquet – look at some statement blooms
  • a round hand tied,pastel bouquet – look to the soft pastel colours found in peonies, hydrangeas and roses for inspiration

At Destination or Not, we specialize in Faux real touch bridal bouquets.  These very realistic artificial flowers continue to be a great alternative for your wedding and have been especially popular for destination weddings but are also a great solution for local weddings where the flowers will be tested in the elements, be it hot sunshine or taking a dip in the water.

Here are some exciting new trends that we will see for  2019:

1, Cascading bouquets – a more modern take on the cascading bouquets of the past, they feature more greenery, can be less structured and tend to be hand tied


2. Statement unique botanicals such as Bird of Paradise, Protea and Anthurium


3. Monochromatic bouquets – how about having your maids each in their own shade of flower with the culmination of them all in your bridal bouquet?


4.  Flower alternatives  – look to nature for ideas other than flower – pinecones, feathers are two great ideas.


5.  Bold colours are starting to replace the pastel, blush and cream bouquets that have been so popular for the last few years.


6. Pastels will continue to have a place in our hearts – watch for the new pale blue maeve that may give the blush or light pink a run for it’s money. We think that succulents incorporated into the pastel bouquet will continue to add a boldness to this choice.


7.  Custom Dyed – wanting a perfect Tiffany Blue? Royal Purple? Perfect Coral? Dyed flowers are making a comeback

  Floramatique Faux Flowers  

As always, happy deciding. If you would like a consultation, feel free to email or call me!