Cascading bridal bouquets have made a huge comeback!  There are many flowers you can choose to create a gorgeous cascading wedding bouquet and some of my favourite flowers to use in a cascade continue to be roses and orchids.

The modern cascading bouquet is hand tied as opposed to being built on a bouquet holder. The cascade bouquet offers a dramatic wow statement for your wedding and can be incorporated into almost any wedding venue including outdoor, beach, church or boho inspired weddings.

Today’s cascade tends to be less structured and can feature unique greenery or can be structured to highlight a statement bloom.

Choose a monochromatic look or if you are wanting to add drama,  choose bright vibrant tropicals or one statement bloom. Cascading bouquets can be made in a variety of sizes, from a barely discernible teardrop shape to very elongated.

As with all of our faux flower bouquets travel easily. Elegant, fun, young, if that is you, you may want to consider a cascade!