Fall is in the air and for many brides this is their perfect wedding season.  If you are drawn to rich, deep burgundies, oranges, reds and yellows, this may be the time you want to consider matching your colour scheme to a beautiful wedding season.  The light is perfect at this time of year for gorgeous outdoor photography.   Our real touch flowers are a perfect choice for fall brides who are getting married outside an urban area, in the country, in a forest setting or other remote location. Our real touch bouquets travel so well and easily pack into boxes or suitcases.  As you can see,  our real touch bridal bouquets have the same vibrant hues and the added bonus is that they last beyond your wedding so make the perfect keepsake to treasure long after you day.

If you are considering real touch flowers for your wedding we would be happy to talk with you about your vision.  We love to work with brides to create your perfect bouquets to match your colour scheme, season and vision. Please call us at 778-772-4986 or email us info@destinationornot.com.

Here are some of our  favourite fall bouquets from past brides to help provide you with some inspiration if this is your wedding season of choice! For more inspiration, check out https://destinationornot.com/inspiration-gallery or shop ideas at https://destinationornot.com/product-category/by-colour/orange.