Real touch wedding flowers/bouquets have become very popular as these “next generation” faux or silk flowers are amazingly botanically correct and realistic to the touch.

There are a wide range of products that are being marketed as real touch flowers and brides need to be careful of what they are purchasing online. For most brides,  flowers are a big part of the wedding day and can be one of the larger expenses when planning a wedding.   I am always amazed at the number of brides who will buy  their real touch wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages etc. online without even calling to consult about their flowers.

Some tips for purchasing your real touch bridal flowers online:

1.  Ask if all of the flowers in your bouquet will be real touch, natural touch,fresh touch or floramatique or if some of the flowers will be silk.  At Destination or Not Bridal Bouquets, all flowers used are from the real touch lines and we do not use any silk fillers.

2.  Phone or email  to talk about your exact floral needs – even if you find your exact dream bouquet online.  You should be able to speak to someone, without a consultation fee, to discuss this major purchase.  You should also feel that you are able to call your florist as many times as necessary to make sure your flowers are absolutely perfect.

3.  Make sure you have options to change ribbons, wrap style, or can add embellishments or make adjustments to bouquets.

4.  Request a written quote including the final shipping charges.

5.  Request pictures prior to shipping – that way if there are any minor adjustments that need to be made, they are done before you have them and then have to ship them back.

6.  Agree on a shipping date.  Many of the real touch flowers can take months to get in  as they sometimes go out of stock.  My rule of thumb, is that you should order your flowers a minimum of 9 months prior to your expected shipping date.  That way if a flower is out of stock, it can usually be restocked in time for your wedding date.

7.  Custom orders should always be an option and you should be able to send pictures or ideas of your dream bouquet to see if it can be recreated in the real touch bridal bouquet line.  The option of a custom order should not increase the cost of your bouquet – your bouquet costs should be dependent on size, types of flowers, stem wrap options and embellishments.

I love meeting or speaking to my brides! If you are looking for real touch bridal bouquets  in the lower mainland area of Vancouver, British Columbia, I would love to meet you and prefer if you  come to my studio for a traditional consultation.  For those that live far away we would love to talk to you a via phone or email so there are no surprises. If you are considering having a real touch wedding bouquet, we would be honoured if you gave us a call or email to talk about making your dreams come true on your very special day.