Many brides today are considering Real Touch (or Floramatique, Natural Touch, True Touch) for their wedding flowers.  The Real Touch flower lines are absolutely breathtaking, vibrantly colored,  botanically correct and have a very real feeling to their petals.   Real touch flowers represent the top technology in artificial flowers and are usually made from a latex polymer material and have the true petal veining and the soft feathery feel of real flowers.

Real touch flowers have become an excellent choice for many brides who are having; a destination wedding, want a beautiful  forever bouquet keepsake or have limited flower options due to wedding venue or season. They are also perfect for the bride who has allergies or wants flowers that traditionally wilt quickly.

At Destination or Not Bridal Bouquets, we have become a leading Canadian Real Touch floral designer for  destination wedding brides as many resorts have very high priced flowers that wilt or turn brown in tropical heat.  Furthermore, fresh flowers can not be brought home to be preserved because of border regulations into Canada or the US.  Many of the same tropical flowers popular in destination bridal bouquets including  orchids, lilies, birds of paradise and callas are made in these stunning faux flowers and are almost impossible to tell from fresh.   Real touch bouquets are very durable and our flowers have been packed in suitcases and have traveled to exotic weddings in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Fuji, Hawaii, India, Jamaica,  Mexico and  Thailand.   In fact, we had one bride who was stopped in Mexico because they thought she was trying to carry in real flowers!

The real touch flower line also has many popular North American bridal bouquet flower choices such as  roses, peonies, dahlias, mums, tulips, anemones, irises and gardenias. As a result, many local brides are also choosing to have  Real Touch flowers as they love that they can keep their bouquet, and have one less headache of trying to get flowers to the venue on the day of the wedding etc.

I am so excited to see the Real Touch Wedding Bouquet Industry grow and look forward to showcasing new  designs as we continue to create unique real touch bridal bouquet collections that suit today’s modern bride.

Cream-Christmas-Bouquet-side.png       Real-touch-dahlia-calla-hydrangea-orchid-rose-.png      Tropical-bird-of-paradise-outside-front      Juana-outside-front     Faux Wedding Bouquets